Pound by Pound We're Buddies.

To encourage, accept, and love is what gives us the strength to win.

Where it's all about love, acceptence, and encourg
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For anyone wanting to lose weight but needs just that little extra support to do it. Maybe if you had someone to rant to. To understand. To get it. You'd do better. Maybe you just need someone who's not going to judge you, just because you binged or because you ate that chocolate creme pie, or didn't go to the gym.

Because in our, yes our, quest for weight loss, we need to know, good days or bad days, someone out there will love us. No matter what.

So here's where we can find buddies and support. For the good days. For the bad days. For the daily battle against the bulge.

It's all about being happy with who you are. And finding people who love you for that.